CricSim is a sports simulation website, which has several different competitions. It's a forum based community, that wanted a stats based website, to store player, season and team data for their cricket simulation competitions.

the site is based on delivering mostly stats, and basic information, as most of the interaction, news and communication goes on within the forum itself. This means that to those not interested it can look a bit raw, but to the target audience it delivers what was required of it. Over time it gradually gets new features, or functions and some minor tweaks, the latest of which was a PHP, MySQL and AJAX driven 'live match' broadcast page, which allows the organisers of the site to show live matches, that users can watch, 'over-by-over', at a given speed.

There are still more features and improvements being discussed between myself, the organisers and the community, which will no doubt make an appearance at a later date, including charts of players careers, seasons etc.

Under the hood, the site is written in Object-Oriented PHP5, which I created from scratch. It uses a MySQL database to store all the information input by the admin, which includes a scorecard parser, that takes a raw text input of the simulator's output and pulls all the player data out and stores into the database.