Backend Development - PHP5, MySQL, MongoDB

  • PHP5

    The vast majority of sites I build using PHP, are developed using object-oriented principals. I also take into account security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and take care to avoid leaving these security flaws in the sites.

  • MySQL

    The majority of my work and educational experience is with MySQL. As a result, I have strong SQL and database design skills.

  • MongoDB

    I spent 10 months working with MongoDB on a major project, at a previous employer. MongoDB is a SQL-less database, and uses arrays for records and querying. It is a great option for sites that don't need a schema or need to be scaled at a later date.

Libraries, Frameworks & CMSes

  • CodeIgniter & CakePHP

    I have worked with MVC based frameworks for work projects and personal sites. The two I prefer and have most knowledge of are CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

  • Drupal & Wordpress

    This site runs in Drupal, and my personal blog is run in Wordpress.

  • jQuery & jQuery UI

    I have used jQuery & UI in several projects, and implemented features with ajax, animation, and dialogs.

  • RaphaelJS

    RaphaelJS is a javascript library that allows for animation using SVG/VML. I've previously used it to create a image creation application, that saved the SVG into a MongoDB record, and would re-create it on the frontend of a website.


  • Facebook

    I've used Open Graph and Facebook on previous projects, including replicating a Facebook news feed and logging into sites.

  • Twitter

    I've used Twitter's RESTful API to create a 'feed' for a user to view, as well as direct message and login to sites.

Frontend Development - XHTML, CSS, Javascript


    I take pride in making clean, readable, standards complying XHTML. I've learnt over my time in web development that it is extremely important to get the HTML of an website or app correct, or it will become very difficult to work with and never be as good as it should be.

  • CSS

    All sites I create use CSS2 & 3. While I'm not a designer, I do enjoy putting together a great design using CSS and XHTML.

  • Javascript

    The majority of sites I've worked on have used Javascript to some extent, and it's something I enjoy working with as a programmer.