Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring Website

Sounds of Springs was one of the first projects I ever completed in web development. I was approached by the organisers not long after I had got into PHP and web development, and we arranged for me to make a relatively simplistic site, with basic features and admin tools. I was given graphic assets (background image was made from them) and the basics of what would be needed for the site.

I completed the project in under 2 weeks and set it up on their web hosting account, where it ran without problem. They were pleased with the outcome, and I ended up being given flights and a backstage pass to go see the festival. Going forward, they allowed the sponsors to take over development of their website as they grew larger.

If I was to do this site, I would do a lot differently, as I've learnt so much since my early days, doing my first few projects, such as this one. I'd also really would have appreciated a designer to come up with a complete web design, as it is most definitely not a strength of mine. The site uses PHP5, but is not object-oriented like most projects I work on these days, and has some flaws in it's data model, that I have realised and would not make again.

You can visit the demonstration version of the website here. Keep in mind all the information is made up, and the site, when fully running, had a lot of links, sponsors, news and bands in it.