Google Maps API

This is a simple demonstration of what I can do with Google Maps API V3. It features:
  • Highlights NSW when you hover over it, when zoomed out
  • Allows you to centre the map by searching for an adress or latitude and longitude
  • Shows the current position of the mouse in latitude and longitude
  • Shows the latitude, longitude and address of a marker you can set by clicking on the map

Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring Website

Sounds of Springs was one of the first projects I ever completed in web development. I was approached by the organisers not long after I had got into PHP and web development, and we arranged for me to make a relatively simplistic site, with basic features and admin tools. I was given graphic assets (background image was made from them) and the basics of what would be needed for the site.


CricSim is a sports simulation website, which has several different competitions. It's a forum based community, that wanted a stats based website, to store player, season and team data for their cricket simulation competitions.

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