Like & Share My Site

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Like & Share My Site is a WordPress Plugin I created to allow admins of WordPress sites to add social buttons to the end of their posts. The current features are

  • Five different social buttons
  • Ability to turn each button on/off
  • Ability to show buttons only on mouseover of post
  • Ability to float the buttons left or right
  • Ability to place label in front of the buttons

You can download the current version from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

What Song Was that?

What Song Was That?

What Song Was That? was a TAFE project I completed for the PHP section of a Web Development Diploma, which resulted in a distinction level grade.

The requirements were simple. The site was to have a user system, a cart system, a system for searching through song/artists/lyrics and a way to download a PDF of the lyrics once purchased.

Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring Website

Sounds of Springs was one of the first projects I ever completed in web development. I was approached by the organisers not long after I had got into PHP and web development, and we arranged for me to make a relatively simplistic site, with basic features and admin tools. I was given graphic assets (background image was made from them) and the basics of what would be needed for the site.



CricSim is a sports simulation website, which has several different competitions. It's a forum based community, that wanted a stats based website, to store player, season and team data for their cricket simulation competitions.

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